Have you seen the great Quester Q magnets the state board is selling?  For just $5 each you get a 3” X 5” magnet for your car or refrigerator.  Some have used it for their scrapbooks or as gifts to other Questers.

Please contact Jean Johnson to purchase one.

Rules for fundraising:

  • If you are fundraising within your Quester group,  state board approval is not necessary.

  • The funds raised do not have to go to Preservation & Restoration.

  • However, if your fundraising involves other Quester chapters or people who are not Questers, permission must be granted by the state board.

  • All monies raised in this way must be used for Preservation & Restoration.

Please use the form below for the second type of fundraiser. You will receive a letter from the Grant chair notifying you that your fundraiser has been approved.  Save this letter, as you will need it when applying for a grant.

Fundraising Request Form

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