Most Questers, in the course of a program year, may raise money for their Chapter in various ways. As long as your event is just for your Chapter, the fundraiser does not have to be recorded with the Board. Once other Chapters or outside people are invited to/involved in your Fundraiser, the Rules change. Please see below for definitions of the difference, plus access to a Fundraising form.

Rules for fundraising:

Fundraiser Type 1:

  • If you are fundraising within your Quester group,  state board approval is not necessary.
  • The funds raised do not have to go to Preservation & Restoration.

Fundraiser Type 2:

  • If your fundraising involves other Quester chapters and/or people who are not Questers, permission must be granted by the state board.
  • All monies raised in this way must be used for Preservation & Restoration.

Please use the link below to access the form for the second type of fundraiser (Fundraiser Type 2). You will receive a letter from the Grant chair notifying you that your fundraiser has been approved.  Save this letter, as you will need it when applying for a grant.

Fundraising Request Form

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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